To perpetuate the history of the role the U.S. military played in protecting the freedom and democratic ideals of the citizens of West Berlin in the Cold War struggle over Berlin between the Western Democracies and the Communist governments of the USSR and the German Democratic Republic (East Germany).

To maintain and further develop the bonds of friendship forged between Berliners and Americans throughout the years of occupation in Berlin, thus helping to enhance close and friendly relations between Germany and the USA.

To sponsor educational opportunities through the BUSMVA Fellowship to the Allied Museum by which the history of the the U.S. military's efforts to keep West Berlin free will continue to be enhanced through research and historical exhibitions of materials related to the U.S. military in Berlin. Included in this is the active support of the Allied Museum in Berlin by members of BUSMVA.

To preserve and strengthen the spirit of comradeship, friendship and fellowship among U.S. military veterans who served in the city of Berlin, the Outpost of Freedom.

To maintain an atmosphere of respect for the memories of those who died in the service of their country, especially those who served to keep Berlin free.


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